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I stood in the water,salt stinging my bare legs, my thoughts were swept awayexcerpts from my life washed over me with the rhythm of the waves. A vague feeling that I had recently been worrying over something or someone, certain if it wasn’t dealt … Continue reading

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What to look for in a church

There are many reasons why people might be looking for a church to attend. Perhaps you’ve moved town (or country!) and want to find a new church in your new home. Or perhaps you simply want to start attending church when you haven’t in the past. T… Continue reading

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Seeking Inspiration

I’m trying to write a tenth song, but inspiration is eluding me. So I tried to think what I did when I wrote the previous songs. I realised there seemed to be a pattern – doing the washing up, hoovering the floors, driving, showering, even sitting… Continue reading

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