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Plastic Perfection?

I was wandering through town yesterday, contemplating some Christmas shopping. I passed by a lingerie shop, and saw in the window huge printed images of women in underwear, and posed in front were shop mannequins, again wearing only underwear. And… Continue reading

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Banana Days

I like butterflies. I like purple. I like tulips. I like kingfishers. I do not like bananas. If you know me at all, you will know that I really really really really do not like bananas, in a big way! The very smell of them makes me feel nauseous. … Continue reading

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My life through their eyes

This week a mysterious thick envelope arrived in the post for me. On opening it, with a mixture of excitement and nerves, it turned out to be my medical records from when I was treated for cancer in 1993/94. I had requested them as part of our app… Continue reading

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