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Talents, skills and gifts

In my early 20s I went to a church in Cardiff, where there were 2 teenage girls in the worship group. Beth played the saxophone, Anna played the violin.These girls were both very good musicians. However, while Beth worked very hard at her saxophon… Continue reading

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I haven’t been watching many adverts lately, as I’ve been watching my backlog of programmes recorded on Sky+. It means I’ve missed some good, apparently. Today I thought I’d catch up on the latest adverts (OK, so I thought I’d collapse on the sofa… Continue reading

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I went running this morning – 2.6 miles in a little over 26minutes. Not bad – but not exactly world record pace. Funny thing is – in October last year I ran a half marathon, but now 3 miles stumps me. Apparently if I keep going, I’ll build up to 1… Continue reading

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Isn’t it always the same – you have a great day with friends, really enjoy yourself, someone has the camera out. You look at the photos, expecting to see all those funny moments of the day – but all you can see is “Oh my gosh, did I really look li… Continue reading

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The big ‘C’

When I was 15 I had cancer.Funny, it’s easy to type – but somehow so hard to say. At the time, I met quite a few other people with cancer. They talked alot about “The big ‘C’” and how hard it was to talk about. I didn’t understand at the time. I d… Continue reading

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Know what I mean?

So I’ve mentioned before that not everyone is an artist when it comes to communication. Which is fine – we don’t all have to be experts, everyone has their own area of skill. But perhaps we could all do with thinking a little bit more about what w… Continue reading

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Losing my mind

It’s so frustrating when you can’t remember something. It hovers there, just on the edge, taunting, tantalising. If I can just get the start of the word, or remember day or the season or the place, all I need is a hook and I know the whole memory … Continue reading

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Possible development on the kitten search

Ooooh – hopefully going to check out some cute little kittens tomorrow night! Yay! Continue reading

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Dreams are funny things, aren’t they? I dream alot, and they are ran-dom! Like the other night, I dreamt that someone punished me (I don’t know who, but I know it was a ‘she’) – by turning me into washing up liquid! In fact, it was like green fair… Continue reading

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Star Trek musings

I’ve been watching Star Trek – DS9 and Voyager – thanks to Virgin 1 and Sky+ I have several series stacked up waiting for me. I love Voyager – the Doctor and Seven of Nine are great characters – and I’m enjoying DS9 alot more than I remember. They… Continue reading

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