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A life of luxury

So I recently became unemployed. My first instinct was to start searching for a job immediately. I’ve been in continuous employment for 12 or 13 years, whether part time through Uni or full time since then. I applied for a job, got an interview (m… Continue reading

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It’s never boring when God’s involved

The majority of Christians came to faith before they reached 21 – a whopping 85% in fact, according to YWAM. While it’s a big figure, it’s not surprising. A quick survey of my small group and even those who came to faith at a ‘late’ age slip in un… Continue reading

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When Milly met Steve…

Travel back to September 1998. I had just moved out of home for the first time, into student accomodation at Cardiff Uni. Flat L2, 120 Colum Road. Everyone was talking about the coming Millenium. Cher was in the charts. And I was starting a new se… Continue reading

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A story worth listening to?

So here’s a little story for you. A family member recently wrote to me, and in the letter accused me of something really unpleasant. In communication there are two roles – that of speaker and that of listener. There’s a big responsibility on the s… Continue reading

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Two different things

Love and loving are two different things. So said Texas (the band, not the state) Look up love in the dictionary, and you’ll find ten or more definitions for this overused word. Here I am talking about what is usually the first definition, that of… Continue reading

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